People very often look for best family lawyer or law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, best Divorce Lawyer or law firm in Dhaka Bangladesh. People also look for a lawyer who has vast experience on child custody, maintenance and dower matter. Our this article will focus on the Best Family lawyer and best divorce lawyer in Dhaka and why Counsels law Partners (CLP) is the Best Family lawyer and best divorce lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh.   

Family law is a broad area of practice in Bangladesh and when any legal issue comes up concerning one’s family, the best family lawyer is a must. Now the question is what makes a Family Lawyer standout among other Family Lawyers?

What does a Family Lawyer do?

In order to handle the sensitive and tough issues that arise within a family, the guidance of an experienced Family lawyer may be required. Family lawyers can handle legal issues that involve family members, for instance Marriage, Divorce, Disputes, Negotiations, Domestic Violence, Child Custody, Inheritance disputes and Lawsuits etc. An experienced Family Lawyer can guide you in a better and defined way how a family relationship can be sustained in a proper way. In addition, a Family lawyer can advise you regarding the strength of your case and whether it will be wise to take the matter to court.  

Family Lawyer and contact
Family Lawyer and contact

How to find the best Family Lawyer?

There is an incessant number of Family Lawyers in Dhaka providing legal service in family matters as such it is of course difficult to find the best Family Lawyer and best divorce lawyer in Dhaka that is perfect for handling your situation. Therefore, it is important that you know the essential qualities required in a Family Lawyer before choosing someone. The qualities of a best Family Lawyer have discussed below:

In-depth Legal Knowledge in Family Law

As mentioned above, family law has vast areas for Family Lawyers to practice. An efficient and skilled family lawyer should have legal knowledge over all different branches of family law i.e. Divorce law, Child Custody, domestic violence or  law of inheritance etc. Being said that, such knowledge can be gained through study, research and further education. Therefore, the educational qualification of the lawyer is an essential factor while looking for the best Family lawyer.

Nevertheless, statutory family laws are not sufficient rather an efficient Family Lawyer will have vast knowledge on the case laws related to Family issues. This is important because every case is unique and challenging on its own. As such, a lawyer who has vast Knowledge on case laws can handle family cases successfully. Now how do you know if a lawyer have that knowledge or not? When you consult a lawyer for the first time, you will see the lawyer while advising makes reference to few cases that relates to your situation and that’s when you know you are in right hands.  

In addition, to having legal knowledge in Family Law, a skilled Lawyer needs to have legal knowledge on other areas of law as well. For instance, knowledge on property law is required where family dispute involves matters of inheritance. Therefore, it is not sufficient for a family lawyer to have legal knowledge in family matters such as Marriage and Divorce only but need to have knowledge in all areas of law.

Divorce Lawyer's Contact
Divorce Lawyer’s Contact

The legal knowledge as discussed above is required and utilized in the following sectors:

Drafting Legal Documents

Family cases involve drafting of Legal notice, Affidavit, Opinion Writing and other Court Documents etc depending on the case and which are Family Law it involves. For instance, if the case is about mutual divorce, a Family Lawyer usually drafts a document of agreement which is more like a contract between the husband and wife regarding their rights and obligation at the time of divorce and after. Such a contract usually states when and how much dower is left to be paid to the wife, who will have the custody of the child (if any), the amount of child maintenance that need to be paid, when and how the parents can mean the child etc. This is done so that no dispute arises in future post-divorce.

Hence, depending on the case various documents needs to draft by the Family Lawyers which requires his/her legal knowledge. This is because every legal document has different format and style in which it should be drafted. In addition, appropriate legal authority and rules need to use while drafting the documents. If the documents are not properly drafted this may cause delay in the solving the case and also increase the cost. Therefore, along with legal knowledge a good Family Lawyer must have excellent Drafting skills and knowledge.   

Appropriate Guidance and Advise

Most of the family law clients generally consult a Family Lawyer for advice and guidance on their next step especially regarding their legal right in an uncompromising situation. That when the family lawyers uses his legal knowledge to provide a legal opinion by pointing out which rule applies to their situation and what steps needs to be taken in order to resolve the issue.

In addition, a Family Lawyer need to have good communication skills so that he/she can deliver proper consultation and explain the legal opinion. This is because lay people do not understand the language and rules of law as such it is essential that the law and rights are explained properly to the clients. Moreover, this helps the client to understand the solution advised by the Lawyer by which proper transparency can be maintained between the client and the Lawyer. In doing so the Lawyer must be patient to the client. 


Family matters should not drag into the court. Most of the Family disputes should resolve outside court. Therefore, the Family Lawyer must have sufficient negotiation skills in resolving disputes.

However, it is not always possible to solve the dispute outside court. In that case the matter will be taken to the family court. Therefore, it is very important that the Family Lawyer is enrolled to the Dhaka Judge Court and the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. In addition, the Lawyer need to be properly aware of the court procedure and this comes with experience in the legal field. Therefore, before choosing a family lawyer you must look into his/her experience in this sector.

Updates on pending cases

It is noteworthy that family case such as Domestic Violence or succession cases usually takes a long time to get resolved. In addition, the client do not always need to be present for all court hearing. Therefore, it is essential that the Lawyer keep the Client updated about the status of the case at regular interval.  

Cost of a Family Lawyer

A good Family Lawyer will try to keep the cost of proceeding low and provide invoice for the expenses incurred in the process. For instance, if the Lawyer keep making amendments in legal documents submitted to court or miss a hearing date etc then it increases the cost of proceeding. The good Lawyer will need to take care of all these matter and should use his legal knowledge to ensure that the cost do not increase unnecessarily.

In a nutshell, a lawyer especially a Barrister having a proper training know how to handle a client and a case efficiently. A good Family lawyer will make your time and money worth it with his service and behavior. Sometimes, a Lawyer wins a case for the client but the client can still not be happy. Because the manner in which the case has been handled was not satisfactory.

Extensive practical Knowledge in Family Matters

Practical knowledge in Family matters are gained through experience. The above discussed experience of a practicing Family Lawyer is very essential in every step of handling a case. Therefore, when choosing a Family Lawyer it is important that you look into the Lawyers years of Practice in court.

Why Counsels Law Partners is the best law firm or lawyer on Family, Divorce, Child Custody matters?

Counsels Law Partners (CLP) is a full service law firm therefore we specialize in all areas of law. We have many specialized Family and Divorced Lawyers. The lawyers at CLP have all the qualities necessary to be the best Family Lawyer in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Lawyers at CLP handle their clients with utmost professionalism. The interest and needs of the clients are the utmost priority for the Lawyers if CLP. CLP as a law firm has handled huge number of family cases. Therefore it has the appropriate knowledge and practical experience to handle any family case. Further, the lawyers at CLP has years of experience to draft any kinds of documents necessary for a family case.

A law firm- CLP has numerous family law clients. CLP provides Legal Opinion regarding any matter or potential disputes to those clients on a regular basis. The family Lawyers of CLP ensures that those clients are aware of their legal rights in their particular dispute.  

Legal  and Practical Knowledge

The Team of CLP consists of Barristers, Advocates, and lawyers are extremely professional and qualified. Most of its lawyers have the appropriate license to conduct litigation before the relevant Courts and Tribunals.

The Head of Chamber of CLP, i.e. Barrister Md. Hafizur Rahaman Khan is an enrolled Advocate of the Judge Court and Supreme Court of Bangladesh. He received graduate and masters degree from Dhaka University. Kr. Khan got training from UK and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. He has been in law practice for over 15 years on family matter along with other legal issues. He values client needs and often tries to resolve any family disputes in an amicable manner through mediation or arbitration. However, he is a well-known lawyer in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and also known as family law expert. Therefore, he has the necessary knowledge and experience in dealing with family cases.

All of our lawyers works under the supervision and guidance of the head of chamber. The Lawyers of CLP are efficient in drafting any legal documents. CLP have huge resources for its Lawyers to conduct its research for a case. Hence, the Lawyers of CLP have both the legal and practice knowledge regarding any family matter.

Reputation of Best service

CLP has a very good reputation in the law world among its existing and previous clients. The clients always receives utmost sincerity from the Lawyers of CLP. Thus the clients have maintained a good relation with CLP even after resolving their disputes. We receive most of our clients through references of the existing and previous clients satisfied recommendation. We are proud of our goodwill and reputation in the area of Family Laws. 

Family Law practice at CLP

The Barristers, Advocates, and lawyers at CLP in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh are offering to provide legal services. Particularly, Family matters including Divorce, Marriage, child custody, dower etc. You can reach us at:

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