A question is regularly being asked to the law chamber in Dhaka that how to open a Pharmacy Business in Bangladesh. This writing focuses on the issue of staring a Pharmacy Business in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Step 1: Permission from the Bangladesh Pharmacy Council

In order to conduct business as a pharmacist in Bangladesh, you must firstly obtain Shonod (Permission) from the Bangladesh Pharmacy Council. You can obtain the Permission after completing a 6 months course from the Bangladesh Pharmacy Council.

Step 2: Obtaining drug license

Collect Form 7 from the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA). Fill up the Form 7 and send it to DGDA in order to apply for the drug license. Along with Form 7, the applicant must also submit-

  1. Bank statement
  2. Treasury Chalan of the License fee submission
  3. The receipt of the rent of the shop or photocopy of the rental agreement. If you own the shop, then the Deed of ownership of the shop.
  4. An Angikarpotro by another licensed pharmacist.
  5. A copy of your Trade License – if you want to set up the pharmacy in a municipal area of Bangladesh, then you must obtain Trade License. To have an idea on how to obtain trade license in Bangladesh, please have a look at our article on “Trade License Process and Cost” here.
  6. A copy of the certificate of completion of the 6-month course by Bangladesh Pharmacy Council


As mentioned in Step 2 above, Treasury Chalan of the License fee submission must be shown when applying for the drug license. A fee of 3000 Taka must be paid through Treasury Chalan in case the pharmacy will be set up in a municipal area of Bangladesh. In case of areas outside the municipal areas, the fee will be 1500 Taka.

After every 2 years, the license must be renewed. The renewal fee for pharmacists inside the municipal areas of Bangladesh is 2000 Taka and for pharmacists outside the municipal areas, the fee is 1000 Taka.

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