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At CLP our Barristers, Advocates and Consultants offer specialist advice and advocacy at all levels of seniority within their expertise. This pioneering and progressive set has notable expertise covering several broad specialist areas of law including commercial and civil, IP (including Trademarks) and business setup, crime, employment and family. At our law chambers, we take a coordinated and interdisciplinary approach to address all the issues related to our Clients’ matters. We are one of the most dedicated group of Bangladeshi lawyers that you’ll come across with true and honest problem solving attitude.

Feel free to navigate through our practice area pages in the Practice Area menu, but you are always welcome to contact us  with your  specific queries in confidence for specialised guidance & support. The following is a short summary of our practice (Not available on mobile devices)

Banking & Finance Law

At CLP, a strong team of Partners & Associates dedicate their skills and expertise to resolve banking & finance disputes including regular due diligence and compliance related tasks. The team is experienced in corporate, banking & financial documentation related tasks in areas like secured and unsecured loans, domestic and international loan syndications, Islamic financing, asset securitization and structured finance, asset-based financing loans, workouts and debt restructuring, interest rate and currency swaps and other derivative products, leasing, project financing recapitalizations, vetting of land documents, agreements, power of attorneys, etc.

Business Setup Services

CLP & its lawyers are considered by many to be leading & specialist legal services provider with regards to business setup, entity formation and entity support. The team has excellent knowledge, experience and skill in the area. In CLP’s experience company formation takes between 7 to 15 days ordinarily and other services such as Tax certificates & registrations, Import & Export registrations & permissions, Licenses etc take considerably lower time than before due to streamlining of several processes in the recent past.

Criminal Prosecution & Defense

Supported by an excellent in-house team of research associates and pupils, the litigation lawyers at CLP strive to get their clients justice and relief through outstanding legal representation and support. The lawyers tend to work on the British CRR system which means that clients get equal legal representation & support regardless on the type of dispute, complain or allegation. The firm handles matters ranging from simple bail applications to complex & high-profile criminal and regulatory offences before several Courts.

Civil Practice

CLP understands that in both life and business, plans can get derailed & things can become complicated very fast. We realise that a lot of people get involved in disputes over transactions that are otherwise regular due to minor oversights. While breach of agreements can give rise to disputes, proper legal advice and guided transactions can potentially avoid million dollar disputes. The chambers firmly focuses on how its clients can avoid disputes efficiently & cost effectively.

Corporate & Commercial Law

CLP’s Corporate group has extensive experience and knowledge in a broad range of corporate transactions , both domestic & international. Our Law Firm provides services in areas like Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities Transactions, Joint Ventures, Corporate Representation, Corporate Governance, Regulatory & Compliance Issues, Directors’ Liabilities, Business Judgments, White Collar Crime and Due Diligence.

CLP understands the value of money and effeciency as such we strive to deliver work which   tries to achieve  these two vital concept.    It is important for any business to move forward, and be the best in its field and by our legal help and services any corporation will be one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Family Matters & Child Custody

In our experience, this sensitive area of legal practice requires diligence, patience, willingness to cooperate & careful strategies to bring out the best possible outcome for clients because their future matters. Our advisors are experienced in handling these issues in confidential and professional manner. We have collectively helped families and individuals reach their desired outcomes and continue to do so. We help our clients with opinions from experienced Barristers to litigation support in court from our family law advocate who has been a court lawyer since 2003. We also assist in matters like certifications, attestations, notaries to more complex issues like annulment of marriages, reversal of divorces , special marriages between persons of mixed religions etc.

Intellectual Property Law

This is a complex technological world that we live in where Intellectual Property has become a key to many business’s success thus making it a critical asset to most. IP can be protected by patents, trademarks, copyrights etc and the lawyers in the CLP team provides legal advice and consultation, prosecutes and defends in litigation along with other services to our clients to protect their valuable intellectual assets.

Immigration Law

Whether you need to protect your rights in Bangladesh , CLP’s experienced and learned immigration lawyers will do their best to get you your desired relief. We provide immigration service only to foreign citizens who are planning to visit Bangladesh for business or work related purposes. This includes but not limited to : work permit, investors visa etc.

Labor & Employment Law

CLP acts for employers and employees in collective bargaining, negotiations, mediations and any other employment issues on a regular basis. Advice & representation is provided on labor disputes, laws & regulations, trade unions, contracts & unfair practices. We also provide hand on legal advice on key issues with relations to employment law. Furthermore our lawyers are well equipped to represent in labour courts and labour appellate tribunals and bring out a positive result for our valuable clients.

Media & Entertainment Law

CLP recognises that this is an evolving area of law in Bangladesh but nonetheless vital because of the growing industry and support industries around it. We try to act in the best interest of our clients by negotiating the right deals and ensuring that proper and beneficial contracts are executed.

Taxation Law

The recent digitalisation of several national revenue systems demand a bigger than ever compliance promise from taxpayers. We work diligently to ensure that individuals and businesses are not impacted by the consequences of non-compliance. We serve our Clients starting from VAT, Income Tax & Customs registrations to IRC & ERC registrations

Sports Law

Recent dramatic changes in the sports arena of Bangladesh have seen unprecedented level of investments in private clubs and evolution of tournament formats (both in cricket and football among others) around the country. Our law chambers aim to provide the best legal support to the players in both literal and commercial sense.

Mediation, Arbitration & ADR

CLP assists its clients with alternative modes of resolving disputes by taking part in negotiation, mediation & arbitration proceedings. The law firm has in depth training and knowledge in Alternative Dispute Resolution with three British trained lawyers.

Admiralty, Shipping, Maritime & Ship Arrest

Our Supreme Court team has expertise in Admiralty law including  marine litigations, commercial transactions, ship-arrest, advisory work as well as regulatory work for our clients. To resolve a dispute we use our expertise and industry know-how to use negotiation, arbitration and if needed litigation to reach our clients’ end goal.

Writ & High Court Matters

Our High Court team is formed by leading lawyers who has years of experience of working with several different classes of lawyers including high net-worth individuals, multi-million dollar worth corporations, foreign companies etc.

Tenant and Landlord Related Issues

Lawyer’s at CLP are experts with relations to landlord, tenant, rent and eviction issues in Dhaka and other areas of Bangladesh. Here at CLP we strive to provide the best and the most effective legal remedy to both tenants and landlords who feel that they have been treated unfairly and illegally. Our lawyers are always ready to represent both tenants and landlords in courts and tribunals to protect their legal rights. The services that we provide include:

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