Merger and Acquisition in Bangladesh

Introduction Mergers and acquisitions between Companies always have a positive impact on the economic performance of the country. Therefore, it is essential that parties interested in mergers and acquisitions are aware of the process for a successful merger and acquisition in Bangladesh. This article will provide a step-by-step guideline for the merger and acquisition process in Bangladesh....

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Administrative Tribunal Laws in Bangladesh

This article will guide you to make your experience in the Administrative Tribunal Laws smother. It will give you a clear idea as to which forum you should make your claim regarding the injustice you are facing and what will be the process. What are Administrative...

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Contempt of Court in Bangladesh

Introduction This article will give a clear guideline on the issue of Contempt of Court in Bangladesh. At present, there is no statutory law for contempt of court and this matter is governed by the preexisting case laws on contempt. In this article, we will discuss...

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