Business Setup Services

CLP & its lawyers are considered by many to be leading & specialist legal services provider with regards to business setup, entity formation and entity support. The team has excellent knowledge, experience and skill in the area. In CLP’s experience company formation takes between 7 to 15 days ordinarily and other services such as Tax certificates & registrations, Import & Export registrations & permissions, Licenses etc take considerably lower time than before due to streamlining of several processes in the recent past.

Guide to Company Formation in Bangladesh & Common Services 

Clearance of Company Name

Drafting MoA & AoA

Bank Account opening

Encashment Certificate

(For Foreigners)

Board Minutes

Filing & Incorporation Certificate

BOI Registration

VAT Registration

Tax Registration

(Tax Identification Number)

Trade License

Tax Priviledges, Cash incentive, Tax exemption etc applications

(if applicable)

Chamber of Commerce membership

Import Registration Certificate (IRC)

Export Registration Certificate (ERC)

Expatriate employee support

(VISA, BOI Recommendation, Work Permit etc)

Land Acquisition

(if needed)

Obtaining Utilities

(if needed)

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