Family matters & Child custody

In our experience, this sensitive area of legal practice requires diligence, patience, willingness to cooperate & careful strategies to bring out the best possible outcome for clients because their future matters. Our advisors are experienced in handling these issues in confidential and professional manner. We have collectively helped families and individuals reach their desired outcomes and continue to do so. We help our clients with opinions from experienced Barristers to litigation support in court from our family law advocate who has been a court lawyer since 2003. We also assist in matters like certifications, attestations, notaries to more complex issues like annulment of marriages, reversal of divorces , special marriages between persons of mixed religions etc.

We provide services for Muslim clients as per the provisions of Sharia, Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961, the Family Courts Act 1985, Guardians & Wards Act 1890 and other relevant legislative authorities. The most common areas include divorce pronouncement and registration in connection with Bangladeshi marriages, Marriage registration in Bangladesh, Child Custody, Guardianship of Child, Maintenance of spouse and child, Discovery of Child unlawfully confined etc.

Furthermore, CLP provides marriage and separation related services to those identifying with the Hindu, Christian and Buddhist communities. We also provide services to atheists and other minority religions as provided in law. More particularly we provide services under the Special Marriage Act 1872.

We also provide other quasi-family law related services that overlap with our other practice areas like spousal entitlement post death, rights of minors, succession etc.


Consultancy and Court Services

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Consolation on Marital Agreements

Divorce related services and suits

Division of property

Child custody


Domestic Violence

Wills, gifts, trusts and other instruments including Heba

Maintenance after separation

Dower claims

Special marriages

Cross border marriages and separation related services

Declarations & Attestations

Mediation & Arbitration

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