Chittagong, Bangladesh’s bustling port city, buzzes with legal affairs, reflecting the diverse needs of its people. From business matters to personal issues, there’s a constant need for skilled legal guidance. In this vibrant legal scene, numerous law chambers and firms compete for attention.

But some shine brighter than the rest, thanks to their exceptional service, steadfast commitment, and deep expertise. Let’s explore the top 10 law chambers in Chittagong for 2024.


Counsels Law Partners (CLP)


Specializations: Admiralty and Maritime, Corporate & Company, Family and Divorce, Land and Property, Customs, Litigation, Civil & Criminal matters, Contractual matters, Tax & VAT, Labour & Employment issues, Banking and Finance, Writ, Intellectual Property, Mediation & Arbitration, Bail matters.

  • Address: Suite No. 117, Shubashati Syed Center, Building between Moti Tower and Moti Complex, Chowkbazar Thana (2 minutes walking distance from the office to Thana)
  • Post Code: 4203
  • Contact: 01700920980


Top 10 Law Firms in Chittagong



Lawyers’ Corner

Specializations: Litigation.
Address: Room-717, 6th Floor, Ainjibi Annex Bhaban-1, Court Hill, Kotowali, Chattogram 4000.
Each of these law firms offers a unique blend of expertise, experience, and commitment to client satisfaction. Whether it’s navigating complex legal terrain or resolving personal disputes, these top 10 law chambers in Chittagong are poised to provide unparalleled legal support.
As pillars of legal excellence, they continue to shape the legal landscape of Chittagong and beyond, ensuring justice and empowerment for all. In the vibrant legal landscape of Chittagong, where the pulse of legal activity reverberates, there emerges a cadre of exceptional legal practitioners.
These legal luminaries, with their extensive experience and unwavering dedication, have earned the distinction of being the best lawyers in the city. Let’s explore the top legal minds in Chittagong for 2024:


Top 10 Law Firms in Chittagong


Barrister Md. Hafizur Rahaman Khan 

Experience: Over 15 years
Specializations: Corporate & Company Law, Personal Law, Family and Divorce Law, Land and Property Law, Customs Law, Civil & Criminal matters, Admiralty and Maritime Law, Tax & VAT law, Labour & Employment Law, Banking and Finance Law, Writ, Litigation, Intellectual Property Law, Mediation & Arbitration, and more.



Barrister M.R.I Chowdhury

Experience: Over 16 years
Specializations: Child Adoption, Notary Public, Global Visa & Immigration.



Advocate Kazi M Iqbal

Experience: Over 19 years
Specializations: Arbitration.



M Aminul Islam Nazir

Experience: Over 14 years
Specializations: Maritime and Admiralty Law.


R. I. Chowdhury & Associates

Specializations: Immigration Law & Consultancy.
Address: 51/D, Amirbag R/A, Mehedibag, Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh.


Assurance Maritime Bangladesh Limited

Specializations: Maritime Services.
Address: Enayet Khutir(1st floor) 235, Shamsi Colony, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh.


Kamal Uddin & Associates

Specializations: Taxation and Legal Services.
Address: 314 S.K Mujib Road, Chowdhury Bhaban (2nd floor), Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh.


United Lawyers

Specializations: Civil, Commercial, Corporate, and Business Law.
Address: 19, Rahmatgonj, K.B. Abdus Sattar Road, Chittagong.


Legum Consultants

Specializations: Corporate Documentation, Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Address: Room 423, Ainjibi Bhaban, 3rd Floor, Court Hill, Kotowali, Chattogram 4000.


Lex Consultus

Specializations: Litigation.
Address: Room No.: 19/A, Ground Floor, Ainjibi Shapla Bhabon, Court Hill, Kotowali, Chattogram 4000.


Global Immigration Consultants Ltd (GIC)

Specializations: Immigration & Residency Program.
Address: Holding # 516 (2nd Floor), 41. M M Ali Road, CDA Avenue Dampara Wasa Cir Chittagong, Bangladesh.


Taxes & Legal Solution

Specializations: Taxation and Legal Services.
Address: Faruk Chamber(2nd Floor),1403, Sk. Mujib Road, Chittagong, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh.


Advocate Swagatam Dutta

Experience: Over 13 years
Specializations: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Banking Law, Income Tax Law, Family Law, etc.


Advocate M. Farhad Hosen
Experience: Over 8 years
Specializations: Civil Aviation Law, Customs Law, Revenue Law, Shipping Deeds, etc.


Advocate Mojibur Rahman

Experience: Over 32 years
Specializations: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, etc.


Advocate Shoaib Rahman

Experience: Over 10 years
Specializations: Civil & Criminal matters, In-depth knowledge of emerging laws & regulations.




Rafiqul Quader

Experience: Over 35 years
Specializations: Corporate and Commercial Law, Banking Law, Land Law, Family Law, Contract Law, Administrative Law, Trial and Appellate Law.
These distinguished legal professionals exhibit unparalleled expertise across various legal domains, catering to the multifaceted needs of the community in Chittagong. 

Moreover, among the legal firms in Chittagong, Counsels Law Partners (CLP) stands out as a beacon of legal excellence. Led by Barrister Md. Hafizur Rahaman Khan, CLP offers comprehensive legal services across diverse practice areas, including Corporate and Company matters, Personal and Family issues, Land and Property disputes, Criminal and Civil litigation, Writ petitions, Customs-related matters, Business setup, Contractual disputes, Admiralty and Maritime issues, Tax and Vat concerns, Labour and Employment disputes, Banking and Finance matters, and more.

CLP distinguishes itself not only through its wide-ranging expertise but also through its commitment to client satisfaction, ethical standards, and affordable legal services.

With a team of experienced lawyers and a dedication to upholding the rights and interests of its clients, CLP stands as the epitome of legal excellence in Chittagong.

The legal fraternity in Chittagong boasts a constellation of top-tier lawyers, with Counsels Law Partners leading the way in providing exceptional legal services and solutions to meet the diverse needs of the community.

In conclusion, Counsels Law Partners stands out as the premier law firm in Chittagong, offering exceptional legal services from its location at Suite No. 117, Shubashati Syed Center, Building between Moti Tower and Moti Complex, Chowkbazar Thana(2 minutes walking distance from office to thana) Post Code: 4203.

With a commitment to professionalism, integrity, and client satisfaction, CLP is the go-to destination for comprehensive and reliable legal solutions in the region.

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