Rules and Conditions of Service and Appointment in Bangladesh


At present, the service rules of Bangladesh are functioning under the Bangladesh Labor Law Service Rules 2015. Almost half of the GDP of Bangladesh comes from the Service Sectors. Hence, Service sectors generate most of the development of the nation’s economy. Over the past decade, there has been constant growth in the service sector, annually at 6%. Also, the service sector of Bangladesh attracts significant employment. As a result, more than 35% of the employment in Bangladesh is from the service sector.


Navigating Service Rules and Appointment Conditions in Bangladesh


Discover the intricacies of employment in Bangladesh with our comprehensive guide to service rules, appointment conditions, and labour laws. Navigate through professional obligations, administrative guidelines, and essential criteria, gaining insight into the dynamic work landscape and employment standards in Bangladesh and Rules and Conditions of Service and Appointment in Bangladesh

Gazette on Labor Rules & Service 2015

Due to gazette published on labor rules and service, now there’s a clear authority and structure to govern the service conditions of the employee.


How to Approve Employment Service Rule:


If any entity or establishment desires to have its own /Service Rules, or its own employment policy, then it must obtain approval from the Chief Inspector of Labor. All existing Employment Policy/Service Rules must have already been submitted to the Chief Inspector of Labor within November 15, 2015. If the rules are compatible with the existing Labor act, The Chief Inspector will approve the organogram of the organization and validate the Service Rule. It’s also mandatory that the appointment letter must contain certain information such as salary, other financial benefits, applicable rules etc.


Rules on Appointment letter:


Under the Labor Act, an appointment letter must be issued for hiring any labor. The Labor Rules makes it mandatory that the appointment letter must contain certain information such as salary, other financial benefits, applicable rules etc.


Payment of Wages:


The gazette details the provisions regarding wages, where sufficient clarification is provided for the mechanism of calculating wages for fraction of month and also deduction from wages.


Provident Fund & Festival Bonus:


It also has been made mandatory that a labor, who continuously works for a year, must receive two festival bonuses in every year. The bonus must also be less than basic salary of the employee. The Rules also provided guidelines regarding provident fund. New additions includes provisions related to selection of nominee, management of the fund, activities of the trust for managing provident fund.


Health & Fire Safety:

The Rules also authorized a detail guideline for the employers to take necessary precautions on health and fire safety. There are still some loopholes in the labor laws. However, the latest gazette shows, the authority is taking necessary steps toward the right direction. But, there are still requirement of necessary amendments to make the law more accessible for both employees and employers.

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