Receiving a trade permit is among the initial steps of beginning your business. Doing business in Bangladesh requires formal authorization from Dhaka City Corporation or the Municipality’s important office (Union Parishad, Pouroshava, Mozilla or Zilla Parishad) to work. This authorization is given as a Trade License. To get a Trade License in Bangladesh the lawful premise of this prerequisite Business License is being presented in Bangladesh under the City Corporation Taxation Rules, 1983 and Municipal Taxation Rules, 1986.. It is issued when a business visionary is connected through the license form/structure. Working in business without an exchange permit is unlawful in Bangladesh. To effectively acquire an exchange permit, the business visionary is required to utilize the fitting structure and apply it through the significant expert’s office. For example, Dhaka City Corporation is separated into two sections, North and South. The candidate will be required to pick the right structure contingent upon the territory where the business is found.

To begin you need the lawful authorization and trade permit from City Corporation or City Council of your business zone is that approach to be lawful. As the framework says, the way toward getting a business permit in Bangladesh isn’t muddled yet because of the absence of honesty and violation of the rules by corruption, it is practically difficult to get a trade License without a bribe. Along these lines, on the off chance that you realize that, the expense of getting a business permit is BDT 2000 and you are going with a light personality to get your permit then Team CLP will guide you to stop and check your cash sack for additional lubrication cash.

In Bangladesh, obtaining a trade license is an essential step for commencing any business operation. The process involves submitting a trade license application to the designated licensing authority, typically completing documentation, adhering to specific eligibility criteria, and paying the requisite trade license fees. This procedure often occurs through an online trade license application platform, streamlining the application and verification process. Once submitted, the authorities review the application for compliance with trade license requirements. If approved, the trade license is issued, allowing businesses to operate legally within the country. Businesses must renew their licenses periodically according to the trade license renewal process to maintain compliance with the law and extend the validity period. Municipalities oversee the trade license registration and renewal, and business owners must understand the trade license procedure thoroughly to ensure smooth operations and legal compliance in Bangladesh.


Procedure: The procedure is overseen by the City Corporation or city committee where the business exists. A permit is issued solely for the sake of the licensee and such permit isn’t transferable. The licensee will not utilize the permit for some other purposes, with the exception of the reason and nature of calling, trade or calling it was issued. A renewed Trade License is given by the concerned staff of the zonal tax collection office. An expense for exchange permit must be kept at any Bank as demonstrated on the Trade License form/structure.

The List of archives required for acquiring a trade permit are as follows:

Application Form from Dhaka City Corporation (North Form) or (South Form)

National ID card of the entrepreneur

Recent receipt or ownership proof

Recent passport size photo of the entrepreneur

Work Permit from Board of Investment

Statement of Bank Solvency & TIN Certificate


In case of general Trade License

Attested Copy of Rent Receipt or Rental Agreement and also the copy of the Holding Tax payment receipt.

In case of Trade license for industries

 – Everything mentioned in serial no. 1 plus

No objection declaration on the surrounding

Location Map

Copy of fire certificate

Declaration on non-judicial stamp of tk 150/to abide by the rules & regulation of DCC.

In case of Clinic/Private Hospital

– permission from the Director General of Health.

In case of Limited Company

Memorandum of Articles Certificate of In-Corporation

In case of Printing Press & Residential Hotel Permission from DC

In case of Recruitment Agency

– License from Manpower Man-power export Bureau.

In case of Arms and Ammunition

 – Copy of Arms License.

In case of Drug and Narcotics

– Copy of Drug/Narcotics License.

In case of Travailing Agency

– Approval from civil aviation authority.

Period Limit

Estimated Processing Time for issuing the license is 3-4 working days, however, may vary depending on the nature of the and type of the business.

Reserved Administration Payment

The submission fee is BDT 10.00.

License fee varies between BDT 100.00- 40,000.00 subjects on the nature and type of business.

For Limited Company, License fee is determined based on paid-up capital.

Renewal of Business Certificate (Commercial Companies)

Business Licenses are compulsory to be renewed yearly. The papers required are License Book which is provided at the time of issuance of Trade License, challan Book, rent and receipt of ownership proof and TIN Certificate.

Strategy for Renewal

The candidate is required to store the planned charges at the assigned bank. After getting the charge receipt, the City Corporation or Municipality’s pertinent zonal office will finish the restoration procedure if the various necessities are met.

Period limit

Evaluated preparing time for reestablishing the License is 1-2 working days, be that as it may, may differ contingent upon the nature and kinds of business.

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