A fire license is a necessary document for the garments and all factories established in Bangladesh. This license is issued under the Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Act 2003 and issued by the Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD). 


Procedure for the application for a fire license


Under the Fire Prevention and Extinction Rules 2014, the procedure to apply for a fire license has been discussed. Under rule-05 of the Fire Prevention and Extinction Rules 2014, a person has to apply through the designated form to the Directorate General of Fire Service and Civil Defence which has been provided by the government under schedule II of the said Rules. The below-required documents are mentioned under section-04 of the Fire Prevention and Extinction Act 2003 and the Fire Prevention and Extinction Rules 2014 along with the time frame and application process to apply for the license for warehouses and factories.


Required documents:


The following documents are required for obtaining Fire License:

  1. Duly filled-in prescribed application form
  2. TIN/NID’s photocopy (Certified Copy).
  3. Trade license (Certified Copy).
  4. Two copies of the design maps in case of both small and big infrastructures.
  5. Yearly Valuation Certificate from the relevant City Corporation or Municipality’s zonal office.
  6. Deed of Agreement and receipt of rent
  7. The layout of the establishment is authorised by RAJUK or City Corporation or the relevant municipality’s zonal office.
  8. Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association (Certified Copy).
  9. No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) from a local representative
  10. Clearance certificate from the FSCD office.
  11. Duly filled in the additional form (in the case of garment factories)
  12. Treasury Challan or Demand note.

Under Rule-4(2)(1), the applicant has to pay the application fee via treasury challan and submit the original copy of the challan along with the certified copies of the required documents.


Renewal of Fire License:

Acquirement of Fire License in Bangladesh

Renewal of Fire License:


Time Frame for Renewal: The license has to be renewed before or on 30th June of every financial year and it’s regardless of when the license has been issued. It needs to be renewed every
financial year.

Penalty for Delay: If not renewed on or before 30th June of the next financial year, 5% will be charged as a late fee every month for the next 06 months. Because of the failure to pay the renewal fee of the license, it will be considered cancelled.


Renewal Fees:


The renewal fees should be paid through treasury challan and the original copy of the challan is required to be submitted along with the original license the application should be made to The Directorate General (FSCD) through the license holder’s own company seal pad or on white paper. After the submission, the concerned officer will follow up on the process of the investigation and examination.


License Fee:


The fees for the license will be determined on the basis of its warehouse products and the combustible material stored therein. To promote the initiatives regarding fire prevention and fire extinction facilities in the warehouse and factories, the government will award a rebate to the license holder over the total license fee. It won’t be more than 20% though.


NOC for multi-storied or commercial buildings:


To gain NOC, the applicant has to apply to the Directorate General (FSCD) with the floor plan of the multi-storied or commercial building attached to the prescribed form which is provided by the government. Both the Fire Prevention and Extinction Act 2003 and the Fire Prevention and Extinction Rules 2014 deal with this issue. The same procedure has to be followed in the case of amendment of the floor plan submitted before the Directorate General (FSCD).




Under section-04 of the Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Act 2003, the estimated processing time for issuance of a fire license is usually 90-120 working days.


Occupancy Certificate:


Before starting to use the multi-storied or commercial building for its purpose, the owner of the said building has to apply for an occupancy certificate to ensure the fire extinction, fire prevention and other protective measures have been taken care of properly. This application will be submitted to the Directorate General (FSCD) 30 (thirty) days prior to the completion of the work. Then, the Directorate General (FSCD) will inspect the condition of the machinery that has been taken for the betterment of public safety along with the concerned officer and issue the certificate under schedule XX.


Cancellation of License:


Cancellation of the license will be made under the Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Act 2003 if the applicant does not follow the conditions that have been mentioned in the prescribed form at the time of application submission. Acquisition of fire license for the infrastructures within the BEZA-authorized areas.


Standard operating procedure services and clearance relating to Fire Extinction:


Under the Bangladesh Economic Zones Act-2010, BEZA has implemented the standard operating procedure services and clearance process so that it can maintain potential fire risks arising from the process of different flammable and chemical materials, as well as the huge consumption of electric power and pressurized gases due to heavy industrialization process.
For serving this very purpose, under the said act the Economic Zone Unit Investor has taken necessary approval from BEZA OSS Centre to protect human safety as well as their investment protection and which will be issued by Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD).

Step-01: The Approval of the Fire Fighting Floor Plan (NOC) is the first requirement. The Unit Investor should apply for Approval of Fire Fighting Floor Plan (NOC) before starting the building construction.

Step-02: The Effectiveness Certificate in favour of the Fire safety arrangement is the second step. After completion of fire safety arrangement works as per the approved plan, the unit investor should apply for BEZA OSS Centre for Effectiveness Certificate in favour of the Fire Safety arrangement as per the condition of NOC.

Step-03: A fire License is an obligatory permit for all factories and warehouses and it is the third step. After getting Effectiveness Certificate in favour of the Fire safety arrangement, the investor should apply to BEZA OSS Centre for Fire Licenses and it should be renewed every fiscal year.


Application Process:


The application for Fire Safety related clearance needs to be applied online through the FSCD website until the online integration between FSCD and BEZA OSSC but all required documents have to be submitted at BEZA OSS Centre. After the online integration, the applicant may apply through their user account at the BEZA OSS website.


Required documents for NOC:


1. Application Form (electronic) online.
2. Copy of Investment Clearance from BEZA.
3. Copy of Approved land use plan.
4. Floor Layout Plan with Elevation and Section.
5. Fire fighting floor plan.
6. Description of combustible materials that will be stored or used.
7. Other necessary documents that are required by BEZA OSS Centre.

✔ Required Processing Time: 30 (thirty) working days.
✔ Application fee: Free of charge

Required documents for Effectiveness Certificate:


1. Application through forwarding letter on company letterhead.
2. Copy of Approved Fire Fighting Floor Plan (NOC).
3. Inspection and Testing report.
4. Other documents and drawing required by BEZA OSS Centre.

✔ Required Processing Time: 15 working days.
✔ Application fee: Free of charge.

Required documents for Fire License:


1. Application Form online.
2. Copy of Land Lease Agreement.
3. Copy of Trade License issued by BEZA.
4. Copy of Certification of Incorporation with Memorandum and Articles of
Association from RJSC.
5. Copy of approved Fire Fighting Floor Plan.
6. Effectiveness Certificate in favour of fire safety arrangement.
7. Other documents and drawings required by BEZA-OSS Centre.

Required Processing Time: Within 15 days after submitting the full set of applications for Fire License.

Application fee: The government fee is Tk. 8000/- (maximum) but it varies depending on the nature/volume of combustible material. This fee is the same for both the new licenses and the renewal of licenses. Below are the links related to the application for a fire license and how BEZA follows the steps to approve the NOC, EC and Fire License: The website for online application: https://elicense.fireservice.gov.bd/

 Standard Operating Procedure for Services and Clearance relating to Fire Extinction by BEZA- The link is attached here: https://fireservice.portal.gov.bd/sites/default/files/files/fireservice.portal.gov.bd/pa ge/2218905a_eaa1_481c_8a0f_a613c0bc786e/2020-01-27-12-52 f23efaac4a6de33b401b72d8e9084ca5.pdf




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