Chittagong is a cosmopolitan city. In Chittagong city, there are many law chambers, as well as various type of law firms can be found. In addition, many of the learned lawyers are also practicing in the city of Chittagong. Very often people require for law chamber or leading law firm or best Lawyer in Chittagong city. Counsels Law Partners-CLP has been giving its best legal service for the people of Chittagong, as well as all over Bangladesh for years.

Need for law chambers, Lawyers or law firms in Chittagong:

Chittagong is a port city of Bangladesh as well as the second largest city of Bangladesh. In practice, there are various legal issues and matters, i.e. company law, admiralty law, vat and tax law, customs etc. involved in this city. Most of the people in Chittagong are businessman. Therefore, they need law chambers, lawyers or law firms for their business related matters. In addition, there are so many local and multinational companies in Chittagong and the same is required to be complaint. Moreover, there are various family issues, personal matters, property related matters and as well dispute related to various matters can be found in this city.  Therefore, the people of Chittagong need reputed law chambers, lawyers or law firms.

List of law chambers, Lawyers or law firms and Consultancy Firms in Chittagong:

Counsels Law Partners- CLP (Admiralty and Maritime, Corporate & Company, Family andDivorce, Land and Property, Customs, Litigation, Civil & Criminal matters,  Contractual matters, Tax & Vat, Labour & employment issues, Banking and Finance, Writ, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Mediation & Arbitration and bail matters) Address: Room No- 20, Ainjibi Chattar, North Side of Mosque, Court Hill,  Chattogram 4000. Mob: 01700920980

  • R. I. Chowdhury & Associates (Immigration Lawyer & Consultant) Address: 51/D, Amirbag R/A, Mehedibag, Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh.
  • Assurance Maritime Bangladesh Limited, Address: Enayet Khutir(1st floor) 235, Shamsi Colony, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Kamal Uddin & Associates (Taxation and legal services) Address: 314 S.K Mujib Road, Chowdhury Bhaban (2nd floor), Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • United Lawyers (Civil, Commercial, Corporate and Business law matters) Address: 19, Rahmatgonj, K.B. Abdus Sattar Road, Chittagong.
  • Legum Consultants (Corporate documentation, Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution) Address: Room 423, Ainjibi Bhaban, 3rd Floor, Court Hill, Kotowali, Chattogram 4000
  • Lex Consultus (Litigation) Address: Room No.: 19/A, Ground Floor, Ainjibi Shapla Bhabon, Court Hill, Kotowali, Chattogram 4000
  • Global Immigration Consultants Ltd (GIC) Chittagong (Immigration & Residency program) Address: Holding # 516 (2nd Floor), 41. M M Ali Road, CDA Avenue Dampara Wasa Cir Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Taxes & Legal Solution Address: Faruk Chamber(2nd Floor),1403,Sk. Mujib Road, Chittagong, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh.
  • Lawyers’ Corner (Litigation) Address: Room-717, 6th Floor, Ainjibi Annex Bhaban-1, Court Hill, Kotowali, Chattogram 4000 etc.

Best Lawyers in Chittagong:

Maintaining quality and expertise, the following can be said as the best lawyer in Chittagong-

 Experience: 15 years + Specializations: Corporate & Company, Personal, Family and Divorce, Land and Property, Customs, Civil & Criminal matters, Admiralty and      Maritime,     Contractual matters, Tax & Vat, Labour & employment issues, Banking and Finance, Writ, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Mediation & Arbitration etc.

  • Barrister M.R.I Chowdhury, Experience: 16years +Specializations: Child adoption, Notary public, Global visa & Immigration etc.
  • Advocate Kazi M Iqbal, Experience : 19 years, Specializations: Arbitration etc.
  • M Aminul Islam Nazir, Experience : 14 years + Specializations: Maritime, Admiralty etc.
  • Advocate Swagatam Dutta, Experience: 13 years + Specializations: Civil, Criminal, Banking, Income Tax, Family Law etc.
  • Advocate M. Farhad Hosen, Experience: 8 years + Specializations: Civil aviation, Customs, Revenue, Shipping deeds etc.
  • Advocate Mojibur Rahman, Experience: 32 years + Specializations: Civil, Criminal, Commercial etc.
  • Advocate Shoaib Rahman , Experience: 10 years + Specializations: Civil & Criminal matters, in-depth knowledge on emerging laws & regulations etc.
  • Rafiqul Quader, Experience: 35 years + Specializations: Corporate and commercial banking, land, family, contractual and administrative trial and appellate lawyer.

Legal services of CLP in Chittagong:

CLP as a full service law firm has been providing legal services in this port city in various areas of legal arena, namely-

  1. Corporate and Company matters:

Starting with consultation related to company matters, CLP provides various types of service to its clients, namely- company formation and registration, drafting, filing and maintaining litigation on company related issues etc.

  1. Personal, Family andDivorce matters:

In recent times, it has been seen that, in Chittagong, marriage, divorce and various type of other unique personal along with family related matter has been increasing day by day and CLP as a law firm has immense expertise and been providing services to above related matter with success for years.

  1. Land and Property:

CLP from its very start has been dealing with land and property related matters and it has been proved that the lawyers belonging to this law firm has good knowledge, competency, experience and success regarding land and property related matter on regular basis.

  1. Criminal & Civil matters with Litigation:

Crime rate with time has been increasing day by day and the aggrieved party needs proper remedy in this regard for the ends of justice. Hence, CLP as a law firm has been handling the criminal matters, i.e. suits related to Negotiable Instrument issues, Nari o shishu, Criminal breach of trust with a significant success rate on a daily basis. Moreover, CLP also deals with civil matters on a regular basis, i.e. Money suits, Personal matters, Arbitration etc. Furthermore, the said firm is also reputed in handling litigation matters with success with its expert lawyers in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, as well as in the lower Courts of all over Bangladesh.

  1. Writ:

CLP has always been dealing with Writ related matters and it is one of the key interest of this firm.

  1. Customs:

Chittagong being a port city has been regularly dealing with customs related matters. Therefore, if any issue related to the same arises, the aggrieved party has the option to come to CLP because we do also provide effective services like- consultation, solution etc in relation to the customs related matter.

  1. Business set up:

CLP regularly provides consultation as well as solution, regarding the business set up. For example: Name clearance, Article of Association, Memorandum of Association, Registration, Trade license, TIN etc.

  1. Contractual matters:

Contract plays a very import role in relation to every agreement. Therefore CLP has its experts who are excellent in Vetting and drafting of documents related to contract. In addition, if any disputes regarding contract related issues arise, i.e. breach of contract etc, then our proficient lawyers are always ready to take those matter in their expert hands and initiate and maintain the suit for breach of contract.

  1. Admiralty and Maritime issues:

As the city of Chittagong is a port city, therefore various cases regarding Admiralty and Maritime has been pending before the honorable court and issues related to the same is arising almost everyday. CLP as a law firm has been dealing with the said matters with success and utmost reputation.

  1. Tax & Vat:

One of the practicing areas of CLP is Tax & Vat related matter. CLP always welcome its clients who are having problem, as well as seeking help for Vat and Tax related issue and entertain them with consultation and solution in this regard.

  1. Labour and employment issues:

CLP always believes in labour rights and has a long history of dealing with Labour and employment related matters. The learned professionals belonging to this firm are always ready to handle such matters with proficiency for ensuring justice to the aggrieved ones.

  1. Banking and Finance matters:

As a corporate law firm, CLP also deals with matter relating to Banking and Finance. Amongst other area of practices, it has been keeping its footprints with success with regards to the said matter.

With these, our firm is also involved in practices regarding ICT & Cyber issues, as well as handles matter on Intellectual Property, Defamation, Immigration, Mediation & Arbitration etc.

Counsels Law Partners (CLP) is the best law chamber:

Counsels Law Partners (CLP) can be categorized as the best law chamber because it does meet and appropriately fulfills all the characteristic of a full service corporate law chamber. Learned Barrister Md. Hafizur Rahaman Khan holds the position of Head of Chamber of CLP who is an enrolled Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and has been in practice and providing legal services for more than 15 years. CLP has a good number of Associates who are expert in their practicing fields and handle their clients with care and utmost professionalism.

Why choose Counsels Law Partners (CLP)  in Chittagong:

CLP gives its clients utmost priority with respect in every possible way regarding their disputed matter and depending on Client’s needs, interest and requirements, the expert lawyers provide appropriate legal consultation, guidance, remedy and solutions. Moreover, CLP always tries to charge a minimum number of affordable fees to its clients because it understands that, for the clients it is not always possible to afford the costing of highly expensive legal service nowadays.

In addition, CLP constantly maintains healthy relationship with its clients with utmost standard of professional integrity and is always concerned about the protection of rights, information and details of its clients. Moreover, since its very start, CLP has always been providing quality legal service and consultation with success. Hence, the highly qualified and experienced lawyers under the umbrella of CLP can be said the professionals with excellent service provider in Chittagong.   

Concluding remarks:

Counsels Law Partners-CLP is a highly professional full-service law firm. It values its clients and provides instant legal solutions to all kinds of problems. If you need any help, legal advice or consultation, please take a look at our area of practices and take free advise from there because satisfying clients with appropriate legal solutions is our main priority. If you need further assistance please send us email on – or Call on +8801700920980 (WhatsApp).



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