Best Trademark lawyer in Dhaka, Trademark lawyer, how to do trademark registration in Bangladesh, the required documents for trademark registration, etc are the most common queries we receive from clients regularly. Hence, this article will provide complete guidance on how to find the best trademark lawyer in Dhaka.


What is a Trademark?


A trademark is a symbol, word, or word legally registered to represent a company or product. Registering a trademark confers a bundle of exclusive rights upon the registered owner, including the right to exclusive use of the mark.

Most importantly, trademark registration adds great value to a business. Hence, at present, trademark registration is quite popular. However, the trademark registration process is lengthy, complicated, and costly as such appointing the best trademark lawyer is very crucial. 


Why do you need a trademark lawyer in Dhaka? 

Looking for expert trademark registration services in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Look no further than Counsels Law Partners (CLP). Our team of experienced trademark lawyers offers comprehensive assistance, from conducting searches to handling oppositions. With a commitment to professionalism and integrity, we ensure a smooth and transparent process for our clients. Contact us today for reliable legal assistance in trademark registration and setting up private limited companies in Bangladesh.


What does a Trademark Lawyer do?


A trademark lawyer can assist you throughout the long process of trademark registration. To learn the step-by-step process of trademark registration click here. A trademark lawyer can assist you in the following ways:




A lawyer can search for the proposed trademark or symbol to ensure that nobody has registered the mark earlier.


Drafting Power of Attorney:


This is required in the case of foreign entities or foreigners so that they can file a trademark application through their representative in Bangladesh or an authorized lawyer. Therefore, a power of attorney has to be issued in favour of a lawyer or a representative.


Filling applications for trademark registration along with other necessary documents and payment of government fees.


Newspaper publication of the trademark in the Trademark journal.




If the publication of the proposed trademark raises a dispute then the lawyer can assist with the process of opposition. After the notice of opposition is served upon the applicant, the lawyer will submit a counter statement on behalf of the applicant. Thereafter, the registrar will decide on this matter. Subsequently, if the matter is resolved in favour of the applicant or if there is no opposition, then the trademark will be registered.


Management of the entire process:


Complete the entire process of trademark registration takes a long time approximately more than a year. As such, during this time the Lawyer needs to ensure that the process is running smoothly and required documents are submitted on time.

This is how a good trademark lawyer can assist you with the entire process of trademark registration. Therefore, appointing the best trademark lawyer is a must.  


Qualities of a Good Trademark Lawyer in Dhaka


There are a few Barristers, advocates, and lawyers who practice in the area of trademark registration in Dhaka. All law firms are not providing the best legal services in terms of their quality and integrity. To appoint the best trademark lawyer in Dhaka, the traits and qualities that you should focus on are explained below:


Legal basis of the law chamber


It should be noted that primarily a law chamber is a service-oriented business. As such, to provide legal service, the best law chamber must first have an appropriate legal basis. Therefore, while appointing a lawyer, you should do a background check of the lawyer’s chamber or firm and ensure that the law firm has a legal existence.

This is particularly important for foreign clients. Foreigners usually select a lawyer through Facebook or other social media accounts. However, you must ensure that the chamber or firm of the lawyer has a valid website, trade license, etc.


Legal and practical knowledge of the lawyers– 


A trademark lawyer must be highly qualified to practice law in Bangladesh. Particularly, the lawyers must be enrolled with the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Alongside, legal knowledge a trademark lawyer must have practical knowledge and experience in dealing with various trademark cases. Therefore, while appointing a lawyer you must look into his/her years of practice in the legal field.


Professional Integrity– 


Since trademark registration is a lengthy process, therefore, your relationship with the lawyer is very important. A good lawyer will emphasize maintaining professionalism, integrity, and transparency regarding all affairs with the client.


Proportionate and Reasonable Cost


The best trademark lawyer should not charge severely high fees from clients so that their services are affordable. In addition, the fees should be proportionate with the service provided and there should be no discrimination in fees based on domestic and foreign clients.


Maintaining Confidentiality


 As trademark registration takes a long time the lawyer will have to preserve the documents of the client for a longer time. Therefore, the lawyer will have to ensure the confidentiality of all affairs of the client.

A good law chamber should have separate rooms for meetings or conferences with clients as well as a safety vault to store confidential files and documents. The law chamber should have password-protected computers and a storage system so that the documents of the client can be retained safely for at least 3years after the case is dissolved.


Communication with the Lawyer-


As trademark registration takes time, therefore, having proper communication between lawyer and client at regular intervals is important. This is to keep the client updated on the progress and the present status of the registration process. The lawyer should have good communication skills so that he can explain his advice and opinion clearly. In addition, the lawyer needs to be patient while explaining his advice. 



Top 10 best Trademark Law firms in Dhaka




CLP based on its research, its judgment, and review from clients, consider itself to be the best law chamber in Dhaka for trademark matters.It provides a wide range of Intellectual Property Services for the protection of Intellectual Property rights in Bangladesh. For example, Trademarks include passing off, trademark arbitration, trademark infringement, trademark litigation, trademark prosecution, trademark registration, etc. It provides all legal services for other Intellectual Property rights.




It is one of the leading IP law firms in Bangladesh. The firm offers premium services to clients around the world in all areas of IP laws including trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, contentious proceedings, and disputes.




It offers a Stop IP solution to its clients. Legal Steps registers trademarks, patents, industrial designs,s and copyrights in Bangladesh




Their experienced Attorneys regularly deal with trademark matters and are skilled in this area.




It is one of the renowned IP Law firms in Bangladesh. It provides support to Companies and Individuals to register their Company, Trademark, Patent, Industrial Design, Copyright, Domain Name, etc.




It is an intellectual property law firm that offers all types of related legal assistance, namely: trademark registrationpatent registrationdesign registration, copyright protection, and all other IP Laws-related services. Attorneys & Associates of IP Laws are run by skilled trademark attorneys and patent attorneys.




It specializes in Trademarks, Patents, Designs, and Copyrights.




Accord Chambers is a well-respected team that advises domestic and international clients on a broad range of issues. Its skilled team advises on the full spectrum of contentious matters as well as having considerable strength on the corporate, commercial, and IP sides.


 Why Counsels law Partners have the best Trademark Lawyers


Counsels Law Partners (CLP) is one of the leading law full-service law firms in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CLP is equipped with the best trademark lawyers. CLP has the appropriate legal basis, has highly experienced and qualified lawyers, and is located in a prime location exactly at the heart of Dhaka.

In addition, CLP always maintains its utmost standard of professional integrity towards all clients and ensures confidentiality. The leading law chamber charges a reasonable and proportionate cost for the legal service.

Most importantly, it never discriminates between clients based on religion, caste, colour, gender, nationality, etc. CLP treats all of its clients equally and tries to provide a sufficient and equal amount of time to handle the affairs of each client. 

The Head of Chamber of CLP, i.e. Barrister Md. Hafizur Rahaman Khan is an enrolled Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. He is a Dhaka University graduate and a UK-trained Barrister. He has been in law practice for over 15 years and has immense experience in providing legal services and advice to numerous national and international clients.

Mr. Khan highly values his client’s needs and requirements and therefore, often tries to solve disputes in an amicable manner through settlement, negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. In addition, he is a trademark expert as he has years of experience in dealing with trademark matters.

 Therefore, CLP thinks they are one of the best trademark law firms in Bangladesh. Counsels Law Partners is always there to provide legal assistance. You can always rely on CLP which consists of highly qualified and experienced lawyers.


Legal Advice regarding setting up a private limited company in Bangladesh by CLP:




The Barristers, Advocates, and lawyers at CLP in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh are highly experienced at assisting clients through the entire process and legal provisions relating to setting up a private limited company in Bangladesh.  For any queries or legal assistance, please get in touch with us at Phone:+8801700920980. +8801947470606. Address: House 39, Road 126 (3rd Floor) Islam Mansion, Gulshan 1, Dhaka.

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