Establishing a company in Bangladesh involves various costs and steps. The overall company formation cost encompasses different elements, such as Bangladesh company registration fees, incorporation charges, and legal fees associated with the process. Registration costs cover expenses related to the formal registration of the company, including documentation and government fees. Business setup expenses extend beyond initial fees and may include ongoing operational costs like office space and employee salaries.

The incorporation process in Bangladesh is a series of steps, including name reservation, document preparation, submission to regulatory bodies, and approval acquisition. Corporate registration expenses refer to the collective costs incurred throughout this process. Furthermore, obtaining a business license in Bangladesh involves specific fees and compliance with regulatory requirements.

What is the cost of company formation in Bangladesh?

Many Clients ask this question: what is the company formation cost in Bangladesh? To provide this information, we are writing this article.


Cost For Company Formation in Bangladesh

An entrepreneur can form a company in Bangladesh by following The Company Act, 1994 guidelines. The Registration process of a company is dealt with by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). The cost of company formation varies according to the company’s categories. The cost of company formation in Bangladesh can be classified into 3 (three) types.

  1. Government Cost for Private Limited Company
  2. Paid up Capital Cost
  3. Lawyer & Miscellaneous Cost


Government Cost for Private Limited Company

The government cost means the amount payable by the government for acquiring the registration of a company. It will depend upon the authorized capital of the company. A Government organization, The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC), permits the company’s registration. As per RJSC, The government fee will be BDT 3950 for authorized capital up to BDT 10 00,000; if the authorized capital is BDT 50 00000, the government fee will be BDT 38220.

The government fee can be calculated by using the following web address.

Paid-up Capital

Paid-up Capital is the amount of money a company has received from shareholders in exchange for shares of stock. Paid-up capital, also known as share capital, can be increased at any time after the company’s incorporation. So, the paid-up capital is one of the significant costs of forming a company.

The minimum paid-up capital for registration of a Bangladeshi Private Limited company is Taka 1 (local) and USD 50000 for a foreign-owned company.

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Lawyer & Miscellaneous Cost

There is no fixed fee for this cost segment of lawyer and miscellaneous. It varies according to the particular needs of the clients.

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