The percentage of crime has increased in Bangladesh, and however, now the days, people are trying to become more legally compliant than before. As a result, various law chambers in Bangladesh have been formed to provide legal services to the people of Dhaka, Bangladesh. However, it may be hard for a person to find out which law chamber in Bangladesh provides the best legal services. This article provides a guideline for finding the best law chamber in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


How to Find the Best Law Chamber in Bangladesh?

Looking for legal assistance in Bangladesh? With the rise in crime rates, finding a reliable law chamber or firm in Dhaka is crucial. But what makes a law firm stand out? From legal compliance to experienced lawyers, reasonable costs, and effective communication, the best law chambers prioritize client needs and offer comprehensive solutions.

One such standout is Counsels Law Partners (CLP), a leading full-service law firm in Dhaka. CLP boasts a team of qualified barristers, advocates, and consultants, offering expertise in various legal domains including corporate, family, criminal, and more.

Their commitment to professionalism, client satisfaction, and international reach makes them a top choice for legal assistance in Bangladesh. Whether it’s resolving disputes, navigating complex legal matters, or providing expert advice, CLP ensures quality service tailored to meet every client’s needs.


Law Chamber in Bangladesh



What Does the Best Law Chamber Mean?  

Numerous Barristers, advocates, and lawyers provide their services in different law firms situated throughout Bangladesh. All law firms are not providing the best legal services in terms of their quality and integrity. There are certain qualities and traits that the best law firm or chamber must have:

1. Legal Compliance- It is important to note that every law firm is firstly a business institution. Therefore, the best law firm must first have an appropriate legal basis i.e. trade license and corporate existence to provide legal services in the capacity of a law firm. Moreover, the head of the chamber of the law firm must be a member of the Bangladesh Bar Council and be an enrolled advocate of the Judge Court and Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

2. Location of the law firm- The best law firm must be located in a commercial area. It should be easily reachable. It should not be located in a noisy place or a dingy area.

3. Interior of the law firm- The best law firm must ensure that it has the necessary conference rooms to conduct client meetings so that the confidentiality of the client is maintained.

4. Experienced and Qualified Lawyers- any law chamber that claims to be the best legal service provider must have lawyers who are qualified to practice law in Bangladesh and are enrolled in the Bangladesh Bar Council. Also, they must have actual knowledge of practice in the field of law at different courts including the High Court Division and Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Judge Court, Administrative tribunal, Labor Court, Artha Rin Adalat, and other related courts.

5. Providing proper guidance to the client- A client comes to a law firm with the hope of finding the appropriate solution to their legal troubles. The best law firm must be patient with the client and provide proper consultation and legal opinion that states the appropriate solution to their legal troubles in detail.

6. A solution to the legal problem- After hearing the issues from the client, the best law firm must be able to provide the solution to the particular problem that the client is facing. It is important to note that the best lawyer may not be the best lawyer for a particular client in question. This is because a busy lawyer may be qualified to deal with the legal issues of the client but he may be too busy to handle the client’s case with utmost care. The lawyer must take the client’s matters personally and focus on what the client needs. Finding the perfect solution to the client’s problem must be the primary objective of a lawyer.

7. Client attention- The lawyers in the best law firm must provide the appropriate attention to their clients. If the lawyer takes the case, he must provide the time and attention that is needed by the client.

8. Personal relationship- It is important to note in many cases, that the relationship between a lawyer and a client is not strictly professional. Therefore, the lawyer must be willing to personally take responsibility for his client.

9. Reasonable cost and invoice- The best law firm must provide an appropriate invoice to the client. The invoice must provide details of all the legal services that the law firm provides. Moreover, the costs for all legal services must be reasonable.

10. Communication- In this era of fast and digital communication, lawyers must possess the means to communicate with fast and technologically advanced methods. Moreover, lawyers must provide their personal and professional contact information to their clients so that they can be reached whenever the client urgently requires them. There may be situations where the lawyer is unavailable or out of reach. In such cases, the lawyer must provide the contact information of other lawyers in the law firm who understand the needs of the client.

11. Submitting documents- The client should be informed that they must not submit original documents to the lawyers and neither should the lawyer ask the client to submit any original documents.

12. Guarantee of win- Unless it is an open and shut case, lawyers should not guarantee a win to the client because the outcome of a case or legal issue depends on the merit of the case.

13. Standard of Professional Integrity- lawyers at the best law firm must handle clients with the utmost professionalism and should maintain their professional integrity towards their clients in whatever issues they are facing.

14. Reasonable Cost- the best law chamber should not charge severely high prices from clients and their services should be affordable.

15, Protection of Information- the best law firm must have facilities to ensure the confidentiality of the information shared by its clients as well as the identity of its clients, e.g. it must have separate rooms for conducting meetings or conferences with clients, and it must have a safe vault to store confidential files and documents.

16. A healthy relationship with clients- the best law firm should value its clients and his/her needs. A lawyer-client relationship is a long-term relationship and therefore, lawyers in the best law chamber must maintain a healthy relationship with their clients.


The 15 Best Law Chambers in Bangladesh Such As:

  1. Amir & Amir Law AssociatesIt is one of the oldest and most well-reputed law firms in Bangladesh having expertise in all kinds of practices.
  1. Counsels Law Partners (CLP) -CLP was formed by a group of committed and experienced British-trained Barristers & Advocates to deliver affordable and effective legal services to the masses. The lawyers here have extensive experience in the legal arena and they have all been exposed to the elements of different practice areas which gave CLP the strength it needed in its early days to grow and prosper. The law firm is undoubtedly the most innovative and modern in the current professional standards and has quickly become a leading law firm in complex and sensitive practice areas like corporate & commercial law, debt collection, defending complex civil & criminal suits, family law, and intellectual property law to mention a few.
  1. Doulah and Doulah- Established in 1965 Doulah & Doulah is one of the most experienced law firms in Bangladesh representing the world’s largest business houses and working with the biggest international law firms. With top-ranked transactional capabilities complemented by a strong litigation practice, the firm is considered one of the best chambers of advocates, barristers, and solicitors in the region. The law firm possesses market-leading commercial practice in Bangladesh with extensive experience in M&A, Project Finance, PPP and Infrastructure Project Development, Intellectual Property, Tax, and Employment. It established its Chittagong branch in 1987.
  1. Tahmidur Rahman- Tahmidur Rahman is an expert on corporate, commercial, labour, IP, litigation, banking, and admiralty matters.
  2. Kamal Hossain & Associates- Their main practice areas include admiralty and shipping, arbitration, aviation, banking and financial regulation, commercial and corporate law, constitutional and administrative law, employment law, energy, human rights law, intellectual property, revenue law, taxation, and telecommunications. They have special expertise in constitutional and administrative law, infrastructure, oil, gas, and power sector projects and telecommunications.
  1. Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed & Associates- Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed & Associates (SIA&A) is a leading law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  SIA&A is the chamber and law firm established by the Late Mr Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed, a barrister and senior advocate of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Mr Ahmed was a renowned and revered figure in the legal field of Bangladesh.
  1. The Lawyers & Jurists- “The Lawyers & Jurists” is a non-profit organization, a concern of “The Lawyers & Jurists Foundation” – Reg No: S- 11869. The services of the chamber are the offspring of the sincere, well-thought-out, and meticulous teamwork of its associates, who have embarked on the mission to serve the clients with great zeal and vigour and race-track of their professional services from the eighties.
  1. Shawn Novel and AssociatesShawn Novel & Associates is a reputed law firm committed to providing excellent quality legal services to its clients. At our firm, we understand the needs of our clients and value them as the highest priority. Our expertise and experience are devoted to the prompt delivery of professional legal services to our clients. We strive and ensure to protect and safeguard our client’s interests through preventive measures
  1. Legacy Legal Corporate The firm has expertise in admiralty, arbitration, anti-corruption, aviation, banking corporate and commercial law.
  1. Old Bailey ChambersConsidered the premier in comprehensive intellectual property law practice in Bangladesh, OBC also specializes in the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Emerging Technology & Data Security, Competition, Media & Entertainment, and Defamation, with an adept focus in Foreign Direct Investment, Company Incorporation and Cross Border Issues, Land & Property, Family & Guardianship, and Tax, Vat & Customs matters. OBC possesses a commendable success rate in corporate litigation too.
  1. AS & AssociatesThe firm mainly deals with all kinds of litigation and commercial and corporate issues.
  1. Bepary & Bepary The firm has expertise in IP law.
  1. Rahman & Sikder AssociatesRahman & Sikder Associates is a full-service law firm based in Bangladesh. The law firm specialises in areas of Civil and Criminal Litigation, Corporate laws, Banking Laws, Multi-National corporations, Intellectual Property Laws, and Franchising Laws and seeks to add value to the existing Legal Professional Claims in Bangladesh.
  1. Haider Ali & Co-Lawyers– Dr Haider Ali & Co-Lawyers-is a full-service Global law firm having offices and associates all over the world, providing assistance and representation in a range of issues related to Corporate & Commercial Law, Arbitration, General Litigation, Debt Collection, Real Estate or Intellectual Property Law.
  2. H & H CompanyH & H Company is one of the oldest Law firms in Bangladesh. The firm was established by a set of leading lawyers in the year 1957. Since then the firm has been run by a set of reputed and hard-working lawyers and their associates.



A Brief Overview of Counsels Law Partners (CLP)

Counsels Law Partners (CLP) is a full-service law firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The team is a mix of Barristers, Advocates & Consultants who share among them decades’ worth of experience and knowledge.

The firm provides a broad range of legal services to meet the needs of its diverse client base. At CLP the Partners & Associates work closely as a team to get the best outcome for our Clients.

The firm is strategically located at Gulshan near Circle-1 which is considered to be a diplomatic area and has become the new commercial hub of Dhaka, Bangladesh hosting major Banks, Securities Companies, Insurance Companies, Airliners, Hotels, etc.

The lawyers at CLP have represented a broad range of clients that include multinational and domestic corporations, banks, funds, and financial institutions. About half of the firm’s legal work comes from instructions of private clients on various civil & family matters including suits for recovery of debt, obtaining injunctions & other orders, child custody & other family law disputes etc. The firm also takes a certain pride in its Criminal Law practice having Partners who are well known for its practice in the criminal courts.

The firm regularly handles IP registration and enforcement, portfolio management, licensing and data outsourcing, immigration law in Bangladesh as well as IP litigation and oppositions. Its family lawyers are supported by an outstanding in-house team of research associates who are also involved in other specialist legal areas, such as immigration law, immigration appeals, wealth planning, trust litigation, and commercial and employment law of Bangladesh.

CLP’s core strength is its people; the advocates, barristers and research associates who work together every day so that their Clients can enjoy just outcomes. In Bangladesh, the legal system may be perceived as complex and difficult to understand procedurally which is why our methodical and calm attitude brings good results. Before coming together to form CLP, the partners were associated with leading law firms.

We have in our team lawyers who have been called to the Bar of England & Wales as Barristers. Their collective knowledge and professional know-how have allowed this very dynamic venture to help and assist many clients so far. Even though the law firm is young at age, the partners collectively share between them decades of legal experience. The lawyers have collectively worked over 400 (four hundred) different cases since the beginning of their respective legal careers.


Why Counsels Law Partners (CLP) is the Best Law Chamber in or Firm Dhaka, Bangladesh

Counsels Law Partners (CLP) has all the attributes necessary for being called the law firm or best law chamber in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has the appropriate corporate existence. The Head of Chamber of CLP, i.e. Barrister Md. Hafizur Rahaman Khan has the trade license to provide legal services and is an enrolled Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

The lawyers at CLP handle their clients with the utmost professionalism. They consider the interests and needs of the client. After taking into consideration the interests and needs of the client, the lawyers provide appropriate legal guidance to the client and give a solution to the specific legal problem.


Why CLP is the Best Law Firm in Bangladesh? 

Further, CLP issues invoices to their clients that specifically mention the fees charged for all kinds of legal services. CLP understands that it may not always be possible for various clients to afford highly expensive legal services. Therefore, it does not charge excessively high fees to its clients.

The lawyers at CLP value quality over quantity and therefore it aims to provide legal services of the utmost quality by building a personal relationship with its clients and handling all their legal troubles. The lawyers at CLP are always reachable by any means of communication.

The lawyers work in groups and therefore, even if one of them is unreachable, there are always methods of communicating with other lawyers working on the legal issue or case.

CLP never asks for the submission of original documents from its clients and neither does it guarantee that a particular client will win a case unless it has merits. Further, CLP has highly experienced and qualified lawyers, maintains the utmost standard of professional integrity towards its clients, does not charge excessively high fees towards its clients, follows all the necessary steps to protect all the information and details of its clients, and finally maintains a healthy relationship with all its clients.

Area of expertise CLP provides legal services in various areas of law including (but not limited to) –

  1. Corporate and Company matters
  2. Family and Divorce matters
  3. Land and Property matters
  4. Criminal matters
  5. Writ Petition
  6. Business set-up (Name clearance, Article of Association, Memorandum of Association, etc)
  7. Contractual matters (Drafting and vetting of contracts to initiating suit for breach of contract)
  8. Admiralty and Maritime issues
  9. Taxation
  10. Labour and employment issues
  11. Banking and Finance matters
  12. ICT Act
  13. IP Law
  14. Defamation
  15. Immigration Law
  16. Mediation and Arbitration




The Global Reach of Counsels Law Partners (CLP)

CLP is a truly international law firm. Many of its clients are foreign or multinational companies. Some of them have been working with CLP for years. CLP does not discriminate against clients by charging excessively high fees to foreign clients. It charges the same fees to both its international and domestic clients.


Team of CLP (Counsels Law Partner)

Team CLP consists of Barristers, Advocates, and lawyers who are extremely professional highly experienced and qualified. The Head of Chambers, Barrister Md. Hafizur Rahaman Khan is a Dhaka University graduate, a UK-trained Barrister and an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

He has been in law practice for over 15 years and has vast experience in providing legal services and advice to numerous national and international clients. Mr Khan highly values his client’s needs and desires and therefore, often tries to solve disputes in an amicable manner through settlement, negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.



A person may find hundreds of law firms throughout Dhaka city. There are various factors that a person must consider to find the best law chamber in Dhaka. CLP as a law firm firmly believes that it has all the traits and attributes of the best law chamber in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It is a highly professional full-service law firm. It values its clients and provides instant legal solutions to all kinds of problems. If you need any help bout legal advice see our practice area and feel free to advise from there. Because satisfying clients with appropriate legal solutions is our main priority.

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