People want to know how I can get my post and after-divorce maintenance under Muslim Law applicable in Bangladesh. In addition, it is usually asked how much money I shall get as maintenance after my divorce from an ex-wife. The issue is mainly dealt with by the provisions of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961.


Post And After Divorce Maintenance


Post-divorce maintenance refers to the financial support provided to a former spouse after the dissolution of a marriage. It is intended to help the financially disadvantaged party maintain a certain standard of living. The amount and duration of post-divorce maintenance are typically determined by the court, taking into consideration various factors such as the length of the marriage, the income and earning potential of each spouse, and the contributions made during the marriage. Post-divorce maintenance aims to ensure a fair and equitable outcome for both parties as they transition into separate lives.




In general, maintenance means food, clothing and lodging for maintaining the family. This definition is not exhaustive. Therefore, all the things necessary for living are known as maintenance. Maintenance is usually given by the husband to his wife, the parents to their children, the grandparents to their grandchildren etc.


When a husband is bound to give his wife maintenance


  • If the marriage needs to be regular
  • If the wife is within the control of the husband (considering the presence)
  • If the wife resides at her parent’s house or any other place with the husband’s consent
  • If the wife denies living with her husband due to not giving of dower or any other legitimate cause, whether marriage consummated or not
  • If the husband, due to his own fault, voluntarily keeps his wife outside home
  • If the husband has more than one wife, all of the wives will be entitled to equal treatment and maintenance from their husband


When a wife is not eligible for maintenance:


  • If a wife refuses to obey reasonable instructions of the husband
  • If a wife refuses to live with the husband and perform marital obligations without a valid reason
  • If husband and wife get divorced (maintenance up to iddat period which extends to 3 months)


Facts that need to be considered while determining maintenance:


  1. While determining maintenance, the husband and wife’s social respect and ability should be considered.
  2. According to Quran, if a husband is poor, then the maintenance should be fixed according to the husband’s status. 
  3. If the marriage contract does not state any amount for maintenance, then the court will decide the amount by considering necessary facts.
  4.  If the husband fraudulently precludes himself from giving the maintenance, the wife can file a suit. If the wife can prove her case, then the court will allow the wife’s plea of maintenance.


Maintenance of Children & Grandchildren:


  1. Liability of Father: A father is bound to maintain his sons until they have attained the age of puberty and his daughters until they are married. Even if the children are in the custody of their mother during their infancy, this does not relieve the father from the obligation of maintaining them.
  2. Incapacity of Father: If the father is poor and incapable of earning by his own labour, the mother is bound to maintain her children if she is in convenient circumstances.
  3. Incapacity of Parents: If both parents are poor, the obligation to maintain the children lies on the grandfather if he is in convenient circumstances.


Jurisdiction of Family Court:


  • A wife can file a suit in the Family Court for her own maintenance
  • A mother can file a suit in the Family Court for her children’s maintenance
  • The poor parents can claim maintenance from their opulent children
  • Both the poor maternal and paternal grandparents can claim maintenance from their grandchildren


Statutory Obligation of Father regarding Maintenance:


A father who has sufficient means can not neglect or refuse to maintain his legitimate or illegitimate children who are unable to maintain themselves. If he does, he will be compelled under the relevant laws to make a monthly allowance for their maintenance. It is mentioned that even if the wife pronounces the divorce against her husband, she will get it.


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