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Finding the best law chamber in Dhaka and the Top Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh is difficult. This is because at present there are thousands of law chambers or firms in Dhaka but all of them do not provide the best legal service and are not suitable for your case or legal dispute. Therefore, in finding the law chamber in Dhaka you should notice carefully if the law chamber or firm has all the qualities required in order to provide the best legal assistance. This article will focus on how to find Dhaka city’s popular law chamber.

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Law Chamber in Dhaka 


A law chamber, also known as a law firm, provides comprehensive legal services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The best law chambers in Dhaka, such as Counsels Law Partners (CLP), offer expert legal consultation across various practice areas, including corporate law, family law, criminal defence, employment law, and tax and VAT matters.

Highly qualified and experienced lawyers, often enrolled with the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, ensure professional integrity and confidentiality in handling client affairs. These law chambers, strategically located in prime areas of Dhaka, maintain affordable and transparent fee structures. Their services extend to mediation, arbitration, and litigation, emphasizing strong client relationships and effective communication skills.

What is the Law Chamber?


Law means a system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties. A lawyer applies the law and advises the clients to maintain compliance with the law.

A Law chamber is a place where a lawyer practices law by way of providing legal advice and consultation to clients and receives instruction from clients. A law chamber consists of Barristers, Advocates, and consultants. A law chamber will have specialized lawyers for every area of law, for example, Company, Family, Employment, Criminal, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers in Tax and VAT, etc.


What does a Law Chamber do?  


Some law chamber practices in a few areas of law and others are specialized in all areas of law for example- corporate, company, commercial, employment, land, Tax and VAT, Trademark, Admiralty and shipping matters, criminal law, etc. In addition, a law chamber also provides consultation, legal advice, and legal opinion. Moreover, a law chamber also keeps the option of conducting mediation or arbitration within the chamber or even outside. When required a law chamber also assists in litigation through its litigation expert lawyers.


Traits of the Best Law Chamber 


Numerous Barristers, advocates, and lawyers are providing legal services in Dhaka. All law firms are not providing the best legal services in terms of their quality and integrity. In selecting a law chamber in Dhaka, the criteria, traits, and qualities that you should focus on are explained below so that you can discharge your legal troubles into the right hands.


Legal basis of the law chamber


it should be noted that primarily a law chamber is a service-oriented business. As such, to provide legal service, the best law chamber must first have an appropriate legal basis. For instance, a law chamber can be a partnership or proprietorship business to have a corporate existence. In addition, the law chamber is also required to have a trade license to provide legal services in the capacity of a law chamber.


Legal and practical knowledge of the lawyers


A law chamber must have highly qualified lawyers to practice law in Bangladesh. Particularly, the lawyers must be enrolled with the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. A highly qualified lawyer will have legal knowledge in various areas of law however, that alone is not enough. Having practical knowledge and experience in dealing with various cases is a must. Therefore, you must look into the years of practice of a lawyer in the legal field.


Professional Integrity


lawyers of the best law chamber will emphasize maintaining professionalism and integrity towards their clients. The lawyers of the best law chamber will maintain transparency regarding all affairs.


Proportionate and Reasonable Cost


The best law chamber should not charge severely high fees from clients so that their services are affordable. In addition, the fees should be proportionate with the service provided and there should be no discrimination in fees based on domestic and foreign clients.


Maintaining Confidentiality


the best law chamber will ensure maintaining the confidentiality of all affairs of the client. Particularly, the best law chamber will protect all information, documents submitted, and the identity of the clients. A good law chamber should have separate rooms for meetings or conferences with clients as well as a safety vault to store confidential files and documents. The law chamber will have password-protected computers and a storage system so that the documents of the client can be retained safely for at least 3 years after the case is dissolved.


Professional relationship with the client


The best law firm should value its clients and his/her needs. A lawyer-client relationship is a long-term relationship and therefore, lawyers in the best law chamber must maintain a healthy professional relationship with their clients.


Location of the Law Chamber


another important factor to consider while choosing a law chamber is the location of the chamber. It will of course be beneficial for you to choose a law chamber that is close to your office or home. Hence, the best law chamber will be in a prime location that will be easily accessible for the clients.


Work Load of the Law Chamber


There are various top law chambers in Dhaka but all of them may not be the best option for you. In other words, all the best law chambers might not be able to fulfil your purpose, and one of the reasons for that can be their workload. When you look for a law chamber you should choose a chamber that can offer a reasonable and proportionate amount of time required for the work.


Communication skills of the Lawyers


The lawyer of the best law chamber will be patient when listening to the issues of the client. Based on that information, the lawyer will provide good legal advice keeping in mind the best interest of the client. The lawyer should have good communication skills so that he can explain his advice and opinion clearly. In addition, the lawyer will be patient while explaining his advice.


List of Top Law Firms in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Counsels Law Partners (CLP)


CLP based on its research, its judgment, and review from clients, considers itself to be the best law chamber in Dhaka, Bangladesh.




It is a full-service law firm that excels at structuring syndicated term loan facilities and debt securities as well as advising on the securitization of financial products.




Accord Chambers Field is a well-respected team that advises domestic and international clients on a broad range of issues. Its skilled team advises on the full spectrum of contentious matters as well as having considerable strength on the corporate and commercial side.




It is one of the leading IP law firms in Bangladesh. The firm offers premium services to clients around the world in all areas of IP laws including trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, contentious proceedings, and disputes.




It was established in 1994 and built on a unique vision: to create an integrated legal, tax, and investment advisory firm, with in-depth knowledge of the jurisdictions they work in, providing technical excellence across our core areas of expertise.




It is recommended for its considerable expertise in power, infrastructure, and energy projects and for its advice on the financing aspects of these projects.




It advises both national and international clients on a broad range of issues such as the establishment of a business, employment law, and on corporate restructuring.




It is one of the oldest Law firms in Bangladesh. The firm was established by a set of leading lawyers in the year 1957. Since then the firm is run by a set of reputed and hard-working lawyers and their associates.




Rahman & Rabbi Legal, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh focuses on representing clients with cases involving arbitration, business law, banking and finance, corporate finance, employment, and labour law, energy laws, merger and acquisitions, securities, telecommunications law, and property and trust litigation.




It advises local and foreign clients on the full range of legal matters ranging from civil litigation to constitutional and corporate law.


Why Counsels Law Partners (CLP) is the best Law Chamber in the City of Dhaka, Bangladesh?


Counsels Law Partners (CLP) is one of the leading law chambers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. CLP is equipped with the attributes of the best law chamber in Bangladesh. CLP has the appropriate legal basis, has highly experienced and qualified lawyers and is located in a prime location exactly at the heart of Dhaka. In addition, CLP always maintains its utmost standard of professional integrity towards all clients. The leading law chamber charges a reasonable and proportionate cost for the legal service. Most importantly, it never discriminates between clients based on religion, case, colour, gender, nationality, etc. CLP treats all of its clients equally and tries to provide a sufficient and equal amount of time to handle the affairs of each client.  It protects all the information and details of its clients and maintains a healthy professional relationship with all its clients.

The Head of Chamber of CLP, i.e. Barrister Md. Hafizur Rahaman Khan is an enrolled Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. He is a Dhaka University graduate and a UK-trained Barrister. He has been in law practice for over 15 years and has immense experience in providing legal services and advice to numerous national and international clients. Mr Khan highly values his client’s needs and requirements and therefore, often tries to solve disputes in an amicable manner through settlement, negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. Therefore, CLP thinks they are one of the best law chambers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.



Area of Practice


CLP is a full-service law chamber in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It provides legal services in all areas of law including (but not limited to) –

  1. Corporate and Company matters
  2. Immigration Law in Bangladesh
  3. Employment matters
  4. Land and Property matters
  5. Criminal matters
  6. Writ Petition
  7. Business set-up (Name clearance, Article of Association, Memorandum of Association, etc)
  8. Contractual matters (Drafting and vetting of contracts to initiating suit for breach of contract)
  9. Admiralty and Maritime issues
  10. Tax and VAT
  11. Trademark and Patent
  12. Family and Divorce matters

Counsels Law Partners is always there to provide legal assistance. You can always rely on CLP which consists of highly qualified and experienced lawyers. For queries or any kind of legal assistance, please reach us at contact page. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Law Chambers in Dhaka, Bangladesh


1. What is a law chamber?

A law chamber is a place where lawyers, including barristers and advocates, practice law by providing legal advice, consultation, and representation to clients in various legal matters.

2. What services do law chambers in Dhaka offer?

Law chambers in Dhaka offer a wide range of legal services, including corporate and company law, family law, criminal defense, employment law, tax and VAT matters, intellectual property, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

3. How do I choose the best law chamber in Dhaka?

When choosing a law chamber, consider factors such as the chamber’s legal basis, the qualifications and experience of its lawyers, professional integrity, confidentiality measures, fee structure, location, workload capacity, and communication skills.

4. Are the lawyers in Dhaka law chambers qualified?

Yes, the best law chambers in Dhaka have highly qualified lawyers who are enrolled with the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and possess extensive practical experience in various legal fields.

5. What are the traits of a top law chamber?

Top law chambers maintain professional integrity, offer reasonable and transparent fees, ensure confidentiality, build strong client relationships, and have experienced lawyers who provide expert legal advice and representation.

6. How can I find a law chamber near me in Dhaka?

Many reputable law chambers are located in prime areas of Dhaka. It is beneficial to choose a chamber that is easily accessible from your home or office.

7. What should I expect in terms of fees from a law chamber?

The best law chambers in Dhaka charge proportionate and reasonable fees for their services. They maintain transparency and do not discriminate in fees based on the client’s background or nationality.

8. How do law chambers ensure the confidentiality of my information?

Reputable law chambers ensure confidentiality by maintaining secure storage systems for client documents, having separate meeting rooms for client consultations, and implementing password-protected digital systems.

9. Can law chambers in Dhaka help with litigation?

Yes, many law chambers have litigation expert lawyers who can assist with court proceedings and represent clients in various legal disputes.

10. What should I do if I need legal assistance in Dhaka?

If you need legal assistance, you can reach out to a reputable law chamber like Counsels Law Partners (CLP) through their contact page or visit their office for a consultation.

11. Do law chambers in Dhaka handle international cases?

Yes, many law chambers in Dhaka, including CLP, handle cases for both national and international clients, providing legal advice and representation in a wide range of legal matters.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit the contact page of the law chamber you are interested in.

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